About US

Our Values:

  1. Continuous improvement 
  2. World class tech skills & response times
  3. Protect our clients against overpriced, low quality tech products n services
  4. Be as clear and up front as possible 
  5. Caring about our clients 


Terms & Conditions:

Computer Geeks On Call referred to as CGOC

Appointment Cancellation Fee

  • $35 cancellation fee applies if client is not available for onsite or remote service during agreed upon appointment time
  •  We will try contacting you for up to 15 minutes before concluding you are unavailable using the contact information you have provided
  •  Applicable travel fee may be added to the cancellation fee
  •  We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change the appointment time to avoid the cancellation fee


Onsite Service:

  •  1 hour minimum, 15 minute increments
  •  Payment Terms: Corporate Address 30 days, Residential Address is due upon completion
  •  Travel fee applies as per https://www.mycgoc.com/rates


Remote Service

  •  0.5 hour minimum, 15 minute increments
  •  Payment Terms: Corporate Address 30 days, Residential Address must pay 0.5 hours up front & agrees to pay any aditional time upon completion of the work
  • Time required to get connected to your computer is billable and guided by our technician


Client Cost Protection  – 3 hour maximum

If requested CGOC can aim to work on issues no longer than 3 hours.  Our tech will attempt to resolve issues during this time.  After the 3 hour period there is no guarantee the situation will have improved & it could possibly be worse.

If basic use of the computer, device or other equipment is more important than resolving the issue the client must request that the technician stop working on the resolution and try to get things to function.  It is recommended this is done within the first 1 to 2 hours.


Client Responsibilities:

  • all resources ( logins, passwords, software, product keys, licenses ) will be provided & function as needed
  • client will direct us on what information is to be backed up
  • we will have access to all computers, staff, etc in order to complete our work in a timely manner
  • CGOC is not responsible for the condition of equipment or loss of information before, during or after service is performed, to protect information CGOC always recommends having a backup of your information stored separately from the device
  •  CGOC cannot predict, guarantee results or resolutions but simply work to identify & resolve issues as we go


I felt that the technician knew what was what and I would use them again.


The service was prompt & efficient and with the information provided hopefully I won’t have any more problems.

Wally W

I was very pleased with your service.

Lynn D

After weeks of total frustration and not being able to work on my computer, I found Heidi! You have no idea how much I appreciated the time & effort you put into getting me up & running. I have only basic computer knowledge & to find Heidi who works on my schedule & is so flexible is such a relief for me.

JoAnn W

Very satisfied, will use your services again.

Bev & Ralph F

Excellent service, fast & efficient. Will definitely use these services again.

Ruth F

Heidi – thanks for saving the day!

Cheri C

Excellent Service, Great to deal with. Quick and very fair.

Paul L

Thanks for a fast job. Jo will be pleased to have the computer back.

Ryan & JoJo M

Great Service. I would use them again.


Excellent Service. Well worth their charges for knowledge of computers and speed their Staff service computers, Very courteous.

Arnie M

Great Service! Now everything works.

Erik F

After dealing with the Tech people for installing my Wireless Network, we had problem after problem. Both Lynksys and Sympatico were not helpful in helping me to resolve and install the Wireless system. Each time I called for support I was told something different. Heidi came in, assessed my computer, made some minor modifications and suggestions and after two weeks with so called Pro’s; Heidi had us up and running in one day – Relief.

Allen J

Helpful, explained things that I didn’t know.

Ken K

Service was great – fast – delivery was good too.

A. B.

Very pleased on the promptness of work done. Would call and recommend the Computer Geeks. Thank you.

Pauline B

Very convenient! Very thorough service! Thanks

Nancy O

We really liked having the in home service rather than taking our computer out of the home. We really get our money’s worth. Time & time again! Thanks!

Mary-Anne F

Very clear, concise assistance with my lack of downloading/unzipping.

Janet E

Gabe did what he said he’d do, when he said he’d do it. He went the extra mile to make sure the equipment was available on time. All under budget as previously agreed. I will use their services again.

Brock P

I enjoyed the lesson. It helped me allot!

Leah L

Heidi was great! I was very pleased. Heidi has a great energy about her. I will recommend Computer Geeks to my friends.

Susan F

Excellent rapport. Very knowledgeable!!

Sher W

Happy with the thorough work and quick service.

Maggie N

Pleasant service. I like the training that was provided. You try and tell us what not to do to avoid problems. I will use the General Security policy rules to follow as policy with my employees.

Martin D

Gabe was excellent and spent the time ensuring I was familiar with the setups of new programs.

Sue W

Great Job! Outstanding work! I will use them again.

Ron H

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