Outsourced I.T. Department

Today’s Technology is driving business, more and more businesses require the latest technology to provide their clients with the newest products and services they need; yet In many cases, maintaining in-house IT support has revealed other aspects of business that could better use your resources.

IT Support for Your Business

Without staffing your own department

Computer Geeks On Call works as your business’ IT department, but without the everyday costs. With outsourced IT support, you can maximize your resources on expenses at the core of your business, and spend on incidentals such as IT, Telephone, Social media only when you need expert opinion in improving your company’s use of technology to improve support your business; outsourced IT services and IT solutions also keep you on top of the newest system upgrades and maintenance to help you keep up with evolving trends in the market.

Computer Geeks On Call offers outsourced IT support for your business, arming your company with, dependable and custom-designed IT solutions. As expert IT consultants, we move by evaluating each aspect of your business to carefully design technology based solutions that challenge your team. We create solutions according to your needs and deploy to your team industry-leading IT support you would expect from an outsourced IT department – all without moving in.

We don’t just fix your broken computer or sell you software for your business; we handle all your IT needs every step of the way. When you entrust your IT needs with us, will set a plan to support your company’s IT needs.

We encourage you to embrace our perspective by showing you how the right IT support can overcome challenges to how you can best do business with effective risk management planning.

We become part of your team, building relationships with your staff over time as we work side-by-side; we encourage your staff to trust us with their questions and individual IT support needs that help them do their work better.

We provide industry-leading solutions that precisely targets areas your business could use better technology. By doing so, your business is able to reach more potential clients and earn more, all at an affordable rate. Find out more about our IT support solutions that help your business stand out Call or email us today 416 619 0712, wecare@mycgoc.com

IT Consulting

Find out how you can do business better with good IT over time. When you consult with us, you get access to the total technology experience and expert IT support through a regular analysis of your business’ IT needs. We also look into the creation of your unique IT strategy, elimination of weak points and streamlining your technology expenses and operations. Our IT consulting services lets you do what you do best and generate savings by bringing us in only when you need expert opinion on resolving IT problems as these arise.

For efficient and effective use of technology in your business.

Preventative Managed IT Services

Stay on top of your IT needs with a fixed, minimal IT cost to keep your systems in check every month. With flat fees and customized plans, preventative managed it services will help make your business a leader above all the rest. Have us come out and give you an ITC today.

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