True Canadian Backup Solutions

What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and your data was gone? Ransomware is a very real reality, there are solutions that can help protect you from loss of data. We are a truly Canadian Cloud Backup Provider. what does this mean? well this means that your data through us is encrypted and never touch’s the united states. Why is this important? well you don’t have to worry about who has access to your information since it stays within Canada its stored at our head office and protected with a layer of security.

An estimated 40% of businesses will never reopen their doors after storms, natural disasters, or hardware failures bring down their virtual infrastructure. Furthermore, according to a University of Wisconsin study, 20% of those companies who do claw their way back from the brink will close within 2 years, and it makes sense; there is limited time to court new clients, innovate new products and service, and handle custom service issues when you’re scrambling to rebuild your computer systems.

To put it simply, backups can save your company. One disaster is all it takes for your reputation to take a hit. The longer you go without full operations, the more money and time you waste. With our help you will stay ontop with little downtime and efficient, safe and secure :

  • Backup all important data necessary for the success of your business: files, applications, user settings, and more.
  • Store backups in the cloud for safety from disasters that could damage onsite equipment.
  • Also keep backups on an in-office device for fast recovery when needed.
  • Use backups to load virtual copies of systems on new computers in case original equipment is destroyed, lost, or stolen.
  • Create policies and procedures for staff to follow when disaster strikes.
  • Streamline business operations for immediate recovery after disaster.
  • Test all backups to ensure they can be safely used during a disaster.
  • Run a business continuity “fire drill” regularly to demonstrate proper procedures during a disaster.
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